• LogShark for LogLogicnew: LogShark™ for LogLogic™ is a log search and analytics tool that is customized to your business as usual needs.

  • 1remote for Kaleidescape: The 1remote™ for Kaleidescape™ is an iPhone/iPad application that allows full remote control of your Kaleidescape media system.

  • Compress JS: Compress JS is a free custom Ant task for compressing Java Script files before deployment while perserving public APIs safely.

  • Webpanes™: Webpanes™ is a sophisticated fully-fledged AJAX framework & environment solution that allows for rich Web applications virtually indistinguishable from Windows™ applications to be built rapidly.

  • Intelligent SMS: Intelligent SMS is a small and inexpensive application that provides small businesses with the ability to send multiple personalised SMS messages simultaneously in an effortless and efficient manner.

  • JXP Model Generator: The JXP Model Generator is a Rational Rose plug-in for automatic modelling of Chordiant JXP objects directly from tables within a database.

  • JXW Documentor: The JXW Documentor is a tool for generating Adobe PDF documents from Chordiant business processes.