Faced with intense competition, more regulation and a constrained budgetary environment, organizations are seeking to leverage their existing IT investment and maximize return from any new investment as never before.

Whether working as part of a project team delivering a turnkey solution, or simply augmenting in-house skills with expert assistance, our consultants never loose sight of these overall business pressures.

We have strong services delivery capability experience, which we have developed in specific enterprise architecture and integration, and process management solutions. Whether it would be to provide general J2EE skilled consultants or specific experts in the enterprise solution packages below:

LCA Soft - Enterprise Solutions

Our consultancy services relating to our own product set will help you to enable rapid and successful implementations, reducing the risk of deployment, increasing return on existing IT assets and lowering total cost of ownership.

Chordiant Software - CRM Solutions

LCA Soft's managing director and founder, Jesper Madsen, has over eight years experience in the Chordiant product set, with over five of these spent working directly for Chordiant (former employee), hence we also provide professional and exceptional consultant expertise in this particular area.

IBM - Rational Rose / Rational Software Modeler

Most software projects have a high degree of code patterns that are hand-written time and time again. Many of these patterns can be easily identified and modeled, thus allowing them to be code generated with great benefits. There are basically four key benefits to code generation, which are:
  • Quality - Hand code varies in quality through the lifecycle of a project. It may start high and end low, or vice versa. Generated code always increases in quality over time because as bugs or shortcomings are found they can be fixed in the code templates and applied across the code base.
  • Consistency - All generated code like for example APIs etc are consistent in class structure, variable naming and signatures. This is beneficial to the programmers or automated processes that sit on top of these APIs.
  • Productivity - Generators build code in a fraction of the time that it takes a programmer or a team thereof to produce the equivalent amount of code. From another perspective, generators allow the programmer to offload grunt-work so that they can concentrate on tasks that require more creative solutions.
  • Abstraction - Generators provide a layer of abstraction between the design and the code base. Business rules are often lost in the minute details of source code. The model / definition files used by these generators hold the schema and business rules for your application in a declarative form. In these definition files edge cases stand out and can be documented.
We can write custom code generation transformations to suit your specific needs.

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