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Webpanes™ is a sophisticated fully-fledged AJAX framework & environment solution that allows for rich web applications virtually indistinguishable from Windows™ applications to be built rapidly. Webpanes™ not only aims to provide a web applications framework & environment but also useful content like word and spreadsheet processing applications etc.

Different licences are currently being considered, including open-source and commercial licences.


Webpanes™ provides an internet desktop with many OS like features and applications.
Other benefits include:
  • Core features like windowed applications and the ability to customize the skin to make it look exactly like Windows XP™ for example, makes it highly usable and familiar to end users
  • Allows for very rapid application development (vRAD) of web based applications thus yielding a high return on investment (ROI)
  • Deliver market-differentiating web aplications that have a rich user interface very similar to that of Windows™ applications
  • Enjoy a highly flexible, scalable web application that easily handles large data sets and high transaction volumes
  • AJAX framework seeks to be as server technology independent as possible making it relatively easy to integrate with other technologies
  • Easily and quickly develop applications by leveraging pre-built widgets and libraries
  • Eliminate installation hassle, deployment costs and security threats as a result of zero-install on client machines
  • Establish a single, uncompromised, look-and-feel standard across all product lines using a common CSS stylesheet to enable the same brand identity among all applications
  • Provides a rich, multi-window (MDI) interface with dynamic, client-side processing capabilities, all of which can be personalized and styled to accommodate custom requirements
  • Can be setup to run in Portal/OS mode (multiple applications simultaneously) or single application mode
  • Enables running multiple MDI and/or SDI applications, all within a single browser window instance
  • Has customizable skin/themes that users can choose from
  • Looks & Feels exactly like a native OS providing a rich user experience
  • J2EE based server side services
  • 100% browser based meaning there are no client installs or plug-ins required
  • Aims to provide a myriad of applications and utilities most noticeably word/spreadsheet processing, email and messaging
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